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Set goals that build confidence ~ Comrade, Rabiu Momodu

Setting and achieving goals is an important part of developing self-confidence.  Goal setting is the process you use to set goals and measure how successful you are.

Inform your goal setting with your personal SWOT analysis.  Set goals that maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, take advantage of your opportunities, and mitigate the threats you face.

When you have identified the main goals you want to achieve, identify the first step to take for each one.  Make sure it is a very small step, it may not take more than an hour to complete.

If, while setting goals, you find that doubts are beginning to arise, write them down and challenge them calmly and rationally.  If they seem less serious under scrutiny, that’s great.  However, if they are based on real risks, be sure to set additional goals to manage them appropriately.

 Breaking down big goals into smaller steps in this way makes them seem much more achievable.  It also allows you to track your progress and reflect on how far you’ve come.

Comr., Rabiu Momodu {Mr. Galaxy}

The People’s Advocate.


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