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Should Arsenal follow the Chelsea blueprint for success?

Sylvester Kwentua

In May 2012, London based club, Chelsea football club made history by winning the prestigious UEFA Champions league, winning the final on penalties, after drawing the full game against German giants, Bayern Munich. That was a very special moment for Chelsea, their coach, players and fans. Everybody was of the opinion that Chelsea”s coach then, Roberto Di Matteo, was the messiah the club was looking for, to lead them to a series of victories in competitions.. How were they wrong?

Matteo started the next season with Chelase but never ended the season with them. why? Chelsea struggled to make an impact in the Premier League then, and their owner wasted no time sacking a manager who had just won them a Champions league, the previous season. This may sound cruel, but such decisions are decisions ambitious clubs taek, if they want to achieve success. While one London club has imbibed the business culture of football, another club, Arsenal, has failed to learn how football business works..

It took Arsenal 22 years to realize that Arsene Wenger was no longer who they needed as a coach. They relieved him of his job in 2018 to employ Unai Emery; who himself was given enough time to muddle things up before being relieved of his job. Now, Arsenal are coached by Mikel Arteta, who unfortunately, is not doing well at the moment, and as Arsenal allowed Wenger and Emery destroy their club before relieving them of their jobs, they are also giving Arteta a long time to rectify his errors and start doing well. However, while waiting for him to start waving his magic wand around, Arsenal fans would have to make do with watching their darling club drown. Arsenal may just adopt the Chelse ruthless style of administering a football club, if they want to start mixing it in with the big boys in Europe.

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