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I wanted to be a bus conductor- Tunde Ednut reveals childhood desires

Sylvester Kwentua

Celebrity television personality and comedian, Tunde Ednut recently stunned his fans on Instagram, when he revealed that he had the childhood dream of becoming a bus conductor. However, he explained how he overcame that desire. He said all these, in response to a teaser he posted.

“What was your dream job when you were a kid? Na the job you dey do now?” Was the teaser Ednut asked.

“Me? I wanted to be a Bus Conductor, Na later in life I started rebuking it with the blood Of Jesus!” Ednut responded.

Tunde Ednut, who prefers to be addressed as an entertainer rather than a blogger, may actually be thanking God he didn’t follow his childhood desire, as he is currently worth $300,000, a feat he may not have achieved, if he had followed his childhood dreams.

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