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(Video) Daughter exposees mom who allegedly instructed her to poison her father’s food

By Nwani Samuel

A certain woman, chinwendu ukolo, has been identified by her daughter as the the main suspect in a food poisoning case.

According to a video obtained by Overtnews, chinwendu’s daughter confessed to have been instructed by her mum to poison her father’s food.

She said immediately she received the rat poison from her mom, she couldn’t perform the task set before her, as she went ahead to inform her dad of his wife’s intention to kill him.

Her father, Mr okolo immediately called the attention of security agents, who apprehended the woman alongside the daughter for questioning.

The young girl was pictured Hands tied with a rope as she confessed to her mom’s mis-doings.

Her mum, chinwendu okolo denied the allegations, claiming that she doesn’t know how the poison got into her daughter’s hand.

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