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(Video) Young Nigerian boy laments over the abnormalities in Nigerian educational sector

By Nwani Samuel

A young Nigerian boy has caught the attention of many, as he shared his disgust regarding the improvised state of education in the country, which makes it quite difficult for someone like him to obtain substantial academic excellence.

When asked why he lost interest in education, the boy complained over lack of money and other vital necessities.

According to the Boy, education should be made free for all, despite class or age as this would play a significant role in reducing the rate of unemployment in the country.

The boy who claimed to be an SS1 student, insisted on the need to be financially bouyant before engaging in any school activities.

He was advised by the interviewer to focus less on money and concentrate on obtaining substantial education as this would help him secure a good, well paying job in the future.

The boy made reference to a man who spent several years trying to attain substantial education which would get him a good job, but ended up Serving mason in his Community.

The boy made some Hilarious comments on how a certified engineer ended up selling petty electronics in his Community, Futher highlighting the life lived by the Americans to that of Nigerians.

According to him, the present Nigerian leaders are only interested in taking care of their needs and that of their familiy.

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