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(Video) Woman narrates how housemaid mixed urine with the food she serves to her family

By Nwani Samuel

A young Nigerian girl Identified as miracle has caught the attention of many, after she opened up on how she mixed urine in her aunty’s food.

According to miracle, she got told by her mom that mixing urine in food could help cure some certain aliments so she went ahead to give it a try.

The girl Revealed that she has poured her urine in their food just twice, as she got caught while trying to perform her third mission.

When asked why she intended to pour the urine this time around, miracle said she wanted a form of revenge for her aunty who refused to pay a certain amount of money for the purchase of various items in their school.

The aunty on the other hand, said she didn’t have the money to pay at that time, as she had settled all her children’s school fees including hers .

Miracle was also Accused of pouring urine in her aunty’s cosmetic bag, which contains all her used makeups.

According to the aunty, although miracle is the youngest of all her maids, she is treated equally among everybody, as she owns her personal room in the house, and attends the same private school with the children.

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