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Actresss, Shan George Throws Major Shade

By Mercy Imuekemhe

Ave nollywood actress, Shan George has taken a swipe at an uncertain person.

The actress mocked the female celebrity for over bleaching.

She stated that the person bleached her skin till her veins became visible.

She took a dig at her for being unable to get a husband and getting rich.
She claimed that the lady doesn’t have a husband neither does she have a degree or title.

She question what she gained.

“After all that bleaching, now u Don yellow sotay we dey see all ur veins & nerves in green & red colours, u still never see husband, u never become rich nor have u got any titles/degrees. Wetin u gain?”.

Meanwhile, Shan George had taken to her stories to voice out over how humans now treat their dogs better than their fellow humans.

She averred that such lifestyle shows how we are living in the end time.

“Humans now treating their dogs better than they treat their fellow humans. It’s really end time indeed”.

Colleague, Bimbo Akisanya via her Instagram page confirmed her statement.

Bimbo Akisanya disclosed that her ex preferred to spend his money on his dogs than to spend on her.

“I actually dated a guy that prefers to spend his money on his dogs than to spend on me.
Haaa kola hmmmm”.

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