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Angel Smith Cries Out Over The Pros And Cons Of Being A Celebrity

By Mercy Imuekemhe

BBN reality star, Angel Smith has lamented over the draining lifestyle of being a celebrity.

She stated how her new life comes with criticism and how scared she is to loose her identity.

She revealed how exhausting it is for her to adhere to the rules of being a public figure especially since she is free spirited.

She questioned the cost of subjecting oneself to the pros of celebrity lifestyle.

She promised to medicate on it during the day.

“This new life comes with so much constant criticism, I’m scared that one day I’m going to wake up and not even recognize myself”.

“Like I’m tired of the dos and dont’s man, it’s so exhausting especially when you’re just really free spirited. I mean there are the pros but at what cost really? Will make it a mission to meditate on that today”.

Angel isn’t the only BBN ex housemate who had lamented over the difficulty in fitting in as a celebrity.

Her former love interest, Sammie had also cried out over his celebrity lifestyle.

He revealed how he is yet to get accustomed to being a public figure.

He cried out over the constant pressure to wear different clothes daily.

He vented out his frustration while engaging in a question and answer session with his fans on Twitter.

He revealed that he was been told that its a poverty mentality mindset for him to think of repeating clothes.

He stated that he was advised to embrace a new mind and push that aside.

He also added that he has been subjected to a lot of rules which he has to adhere to to protect his image.

A fan had asked
“How is life after BBN?”.

“Very very overwhelming!
A lot if DOS and DON’TS it’s just bitter sweet out here’. The absolutely annoying part is I can’t repeat my clothes! Anyways I need to throw the poverty mentality away and embrace a new mind set! That’s what they said!”.

Another fan had asked him how things were with him and his former love interest in the house,Angel Smith.

“What’s the future for samgel? Coz am a samgel shipper”.

He was shocked that the fan still believed in their relationship as he stated that they would be alright.

“Una still Dey?
We go Dey alright
Las Las
Ella tiene un lugar especial en mi corazon”.

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