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TB Joshua’s Widow, Evelyn Intensifies battle for His Church

By Nwani Samuel

The widow of late TB Joshua, Evelyn has been in the news as of lately, following the series of events that transpired at the synagogue church of all Nations.

After series of controversies, Evelyn Joshua eventually became the head of the church amidst challenges of maintaining her late husband’s legacy.

Recall TB Joshua had passed away earlier in June at the age of 57 and left behind a Raging succession battle that took months to resolve, although worshippers are now being granted entry into the church.

TB Joshua over the years was quite famous for his prophecies and teachings, attracting tens of thousands from across the world to Lagos, including top politicians from Africa and Latin America

But at SCOAN, Mrs. Joshua, wasn’t among those chosen by the late prophet, as she wasn’t a member of the church’s board of trustees.

The prophet and his ‘wise men’
Unlike other wives of Nigeria’s mega pastors, she mostly stayed in the background during their three-decade marriage.

TB Joshua, known by SCOAN members as “the prophet”, worked with a group of close disciples he called the “wise men” – one of whom it was believed was being groomed to succeed him

The church has since announced Mrs Joshua as the new leader “under the guidance of God”, enraging some factions of the church unhappy about the lack of transparency.

Evelyn has showcased supremacy over the church, as she carried out some internal and external audit in just a few months of her appointment.

Months ago, some members of the church and foreigners, who had lived in the vast compound for years, were seen vacating the premises amid jeers.

Those removed from the premises were said to be opposed to Mrs Joshua’s leadership.

“After the demise of the prophet some of his disciples did not approach Evelyn with respect and maturity,”

Also some members of the church have reportedly gone into hiding, reasons yet to be known.

Mrs. Joshua’s biggest hurdle will be proving her spiritual capability to the thousands of followers who adored her husband.

They came for his charisma and wisdom and will expect nothing less from the new leader.

While many described her appointment as a church leader as a surprise, Gbenga Osinaike, editor-in-chief of the Church Times Nigeria, claimed

“She was preaching every now and again but TB Joshua never deferred to her.

But for someone who was largely overlooked by many, “including her husband”, Mrs Joshua has shown an “inner strength and the capacity to handle the Synagogue”, he admits.

She has refused to inherit her husband’s title of “General Overseer”, saying that he is still in charge and that she has only “commenced the journey from where our father left the baton”.

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