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Skills Every Man Should Master (Part Two)

  1. How to change a tyre.

If you drive every day, it’s pretty much inevitable that at some point you will get a flat tire. Yes, we do have some great roadside assistance services that can be really useful, but a flat tire shouldn’t be a reason to call for help. In the case that you do get a flat you should know how to swap out the flat for the spare. That’s why most cars include a spare tire in the trunk or mounted to the back. Knowing how to change a tire is a great skill to have not only for yourself, but also if you happen to come across someone in distress, stranded on the side of the road.

  1. Jumpstart a car

Have you ever told someone that you didn’t have jumper cables just because you were scared that neither of you would know how to do it? The truth is this scenario is quite common. However, it’s very simple and easy to jumpstart a car. Generally, the two contact points on a car battery are color coded to match the jumper cables. Red goes on red and black on black.

  1. How to drive a stick shift.

With more cars being made with automatic transmission, driving a stick shift is becoming a lost art. Even though it may not be something you need day to day, knowing how to drive a car with a manual transmission is a good skill to have. Obviously it’s perfectly fine to own an automatic car but if a situation arises where you need to use a stick shift, you should have the skills to be able to step up to the occasion.

  1. Good situational awareness.

Situational awareness involves being aware of your immediate surroundings and the impact of your actions or the actions of others as it relates to the well being of yourself and those around you. Since anything could happen at any moment, a man should always be prepared to act according to the circumstances. It’s not about being paranoid, but you need to develop situational awareness. This means having the ability to quickly figure out what to do when you notice something going wrong.

  1. How to impress with small talk.

Small talk will get you through awkward situations and improve your self-confidence. It’s a skill that you can master with practice, be it at a cocktail party or a casual meeting on the street – knowing how to hold a conversation can be the difference between being remembered as interesting or boring. It’s an important people skill and once you master it, you’ll be able to network more efficiently, make more friends, get more dates and get ahead in your life.

To be continued…

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