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Skills Every Man Should Master (Part Three)

Today, we bring you the concluding part of the piece we began on October 6.

  1. How to ask a woman on a date.

As modern as this world is, most women still expect men to make the first move. This means knowing how to ask a woman out on a date. For this, it’s necessary to be aware of the character and attitude of the woman and it’s important to be attentive to her body language. Be patient and respectful and also know when to take a hint.

  1. How to craft a cocktail.

Being able to mix a couple of signature drinks far surpasses serving wine or beer. Now get this, whiskey and coke don’t count as a real cocktail. A real cocktail requires a bit more effort and balance both in the ingredients and in the amounts used. Even if you don’t drink you should know how to make at least a few really good cocktails. So do a little research and learn a bit of mixology.

  1. How to grill.

Barbecues are a great way to get people together and they can be a lot of fun, especially in the warmer months. They combined two of our favorite things – eating and the outdoors. But it’ll be hard for us to manage that on our own if you don’t know how to operate a grill. Familiarise yourself both with propane and charcoal grilling and you’ll be able to make killer steaks, burgers, or veggie dogs.

  1. How to change a diaper.

Whether you are a dad or plan on becoming one or not, you’ll end up changing a poo-filled diaper at some point, perhaps for a nephew or a friend’s kid. Many men are intimidated by the task, but there’s not that much to it. And some tricks make it a quick and tidy affair.

  1. How to be handy.

Things around the house break. It’s just a fact of life. But you don’t need to call an expert to fix everything that gets broken in the house. Knowing how to handle some basic repairs will save you time and money. You can pretty much fix almost anything in the house. So get yourself a toolbox and let you be your guide. And by the way, women love handymen

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