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Nigerians demand justice for lady allegedly molested by Police SP , Jude Ifeanyi


Thousands of Nigerians have demanded justice for a Nigerian lady who shared a distressing video on how she was molested and almost raped by a superintendent of the Nigerian police force identified as Jude Ifeanyi.

According to the aggrieved lady, SP Ifeanyi took her out alongside his friends on Friday, but on their way back home, he drove into a compound she later realised was the FCT police command with the excuse that he wanted to use the toilet.

However, he asked her to follow him to his office where he requested to make love with her but she refused and tried to walk him out when he drew her back forcefully and attempted to rape her.

She added that when she resisted his attempt, he pushed her from the staircase, making her lose consciousness, and when he thought she was dead, he ran away.

The woman who noted that the incident happened between 11am to 12pm said, “A senior police officer, SP Jude Ifeanyi, who is my supposed friend, took me out with his friends yesterday. On our way home because he was driving me in his car, he drove into a compound I couldn’t recognise and asked me to follow him up to his office, that he wanted to use the toilet.

I followed him up, only then I realised it was an FCT Command. He wanted to have sex with me in the office, I told him I could not do such there. I was walking out on him when he drew me back and started hitting me and he pushed me off the staircase. When he thought I was dead, he ran away leaving me on the floor.

“According to officers at the counter, when they asked him about the lady he went up with, he said I was coming. He left his car and disappeared until about 10 minutes later when I regained consciousness, I went down and told them what happened.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian police force while reacting assured Nigerians of its commitment to ensure justice is served after it concludes their findings.

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