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Nigeria must work for all, not for a few – Skit maker, Mr Macaroni

Popular Nigerian skit maker and actor, Debo Adedayo aka Mr Macaroni has opined that Nigeria as a nation must work for every individual and not just for a few.

The thespian took to his official Twitter handle to share series of tweets about politics as he further explained that power lies in the hands of the people.

His tweet read:

“Nigerian Youths have never been this involved and passionate about Elections in the country. This has riled up a certain group of people that benefit or wish to gain from the system of corruption and impunity. We cannot relent! Nigeria must work for all! Not for a few.

“Look at the statistics of the Newly registered Voters from INEC. You have all you need to know that we all are the grassroots!! Make nobody come dey use grassroots whine us again!!! The power lies with us! But we must be ready to come out and use it!!

We must let everyone understand the importance of getting involved and owning the power as the people to elect those who wish to serve us and also the power to remove them from office if they do not perform.We must change the narrative!! Na all of us be Grassroots!!!

“While we continue to sensitize the grassroots on Not selling their votes, election violence and other matters.. We must begin to demystify the powers we believe the grassroots have. For too long we have promoted the narrative that they are the decision makers…Not Anymore!!!

“Right now in Nigeria, there is nothing like only the grassroots vote. We are all grassroots. All of us!! We have been silent for too long and that has been to the advantage of a few. Not anymore!We must fight voter apathy and become the deciders of our elections”.

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