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Toke Makinwa Reacts To Death Of Bimbo, ‘So Much Pressure On Women To Get Married, Stay Married…’

Media personality, Toke Makinwa has reacted to the demise of Bimbo, the wife of popular businessman, Ikechukwu Ogbonna aka IVD.

Recall that Bimbo, a mother of five died today, October 15, after allegedly setting her home ablaze during a scuffle  with her husband.

She was rushed to the hospital while IVD who sustained minor injuries absconded. 

She was in the Intensive Care Unit of a Lagos hospital for some days but unfortunately gave up the ghost this morning.

Taking to her Twitter page, Toke Makinwa bared her mind on the trending issue.

The media personality, in a lengthy post wondered why there is pressure on woman to marry and stay married, no matter the circumstances.

Makinwa also warned any woman through domestic violence to flee before she meets her untimely death.

She wrote: “Stop arguing with stupid people on Twitter, they make you look even more stupid. Mark their handles, share with your sane community and avoid them at all cost. No use trying to educate certain individuals, they read not to understand but to respond and it is pointless.

“Society – do this, do that, see your mates, at your age, and the list is endless. Same society now that someone has died, leaving 4 kids behind is saying why didn’t she leave? Leave to live… Like If she left she still won’t be shamed for being divorced. Pls let’s do better.

“Religion is also a big problem. Many people are told that “God hates divorce”, many people are made to feel bad like they have failed God, this issue is deeper than we even understand. Is God happy when someone endures abuse and dies? We need to do better.

“May God not let us meet, befriend, marry and eventually die by the hands of our enemies we confuse as lovers. Love is not enough to save some situations, leave so that you both can get the help you need, focus on co-parenting and be alive to celebrate milestones for your children.

“I blame the foolish culture that attaches so much validation to status quo, the pressure to get married, stay married, have kids, it’s too much. Half the people who want to leave are afraid and that fear is not real. Is it not better these couples separate and are still with us?”

Bimbo’s demise is coming after suffering domestic violence from her husband for 22 years of their marriage.

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