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Omeogo, Izunaso, Obinna, Awitti, Onuoha’s election: A consolidation of good legislation in 2023

Obviously, government is an art of governing a state or a nation and being a body or an institution which is vested with the supreme power to manage the affairs of a state, maintains peace and security and meeting the welfare of the people entails putting in place machineries to gain such a purpose.

For government to perform these roles, there must be arms of government which are executive, legislature and judiciary. These branches of government functions are clearly spelt out to be enactment of laws, implementation of laws and interpretation of laws.

Nigeria as a country created a platform to make sure that these arms of government perform their functions well, hence different houses were created. The State House of Assembly, the Federal House of Representatives and the House of Senate. All these bodies were formed to assist government in making laws that affect the people positively as well as impact on the society.

In four years, elections are conducted to elect new leaders that will either represent their people at the State or Federal House including the Red Chambers.

To say the least, the electoral body has lifted ban on campaign ahead of 2023 election which means that candidates of various political parties are now allowed to solicit for vote from their people and supporters.

Indeed, these five candidates of the All Progressive Congress (APC) as reflected in the headline have performed wonderfully in their different Constituencies and deserve accolades and mandate of their people.

First in the list is the APC candidate for Orlu, Orsu and Oru East Federal Constituency Seat, Hon. High Chief Canice Moore Nwachukwu, popularly called Omeogo Ogbaturuenyi na Orlu, who doubles as the General Overseer of CampHope Organization Worldwide. He is a good man who is generous and has dedicated his time, resources and talent in helping humanity and edifying his community.

His good deeds over the years had earned him many prestigious awards. Omeogo is a teacher by calling, a journalist by profession, a selfless leader by birth, a pure example of biblical Nehemiah who is in a mission of transforming Orlu Orsu and Oru East Federal Constituency for the betterment of all persons.

One good thing about Omeogo is that he is a free giver who believes so much in team work, no wonder during his secondary school days, he was called More People, as one of his fondly names even till today.

Second, is Senator Osita Izunaso, the APC Senatorial Candidate for Orlu Zone, who is also the founder of Kpakpando Foundation. This foundation has since its inception embarked on the arduous task of catering for the needs of persons with disabilities in Nigeria. With about 5000 members, the foundation as of today has enrolled 500 of its members in its scholarship scheme in various secondary and tertiary institutions across the country. Similarly about 300 of the members have also been empowered to start their own businesses.

If he wins of the forthcoming Orlu Senatorial election, it will be an added advantage to continue his good work of human capital development, youths empowerment and more job creations both for the people of the zone and beyond.

Third, Hon. Eddy Obinna, OCHOUDO MBAISE, currently, he is the Member representing the good people of Aboh Mbaise State
Constituency and the APC candidate for the 2023 general election. He is nothing but a consummate humanitarian, a power block, political pathfinder and trailblazer of our time. His outstanding performance at his first tenure made his people to resolve to send him back to complete his second tenure.

From every indication, assessment and unbiased analysis, Hon. Eddy Obinna possesses the charisma, capacity, influence and political dexterity to galvanize and unify Aboh Mbaise for better things ahead because he is not elitist and parochial in his political approach. Instead, he plays an all-inclusive politics which has endeared him to Aboh Mbaise people.

In this era of vulgar political exhibitionism, OCHOUDO Mbaise projects himself as a frugal, disciplined and thoughtful candidate who knows where he is coming from and where he is going as well. When he talks about government policy, he speaks with an infectious earnestness of purpose that is not only rare in our clime, but in Nigerian political conversations. He speaks about his ideas and programmes in clear, programmatic and actionable terms. He doesn’t play on words.

I can make bold to say, he is the man well suited to represent his people and consolidates his gains so far achieved come 2023.

Forth, Hon. Princess Miriam Onuoha, currently, she is the member representing the good people of Okigwe North Federal Constituency and also the APC candidate for Okigwe North Federal Constituency. Her election will be a justice to women folks in Imo State, hence she is the only woman for Federal House of Representatives. In her first tenure, she has performed wonderfully as her people have given her their full support.

Penultimate, is Engr. Ifeanyi Awitti, a brand new politician, with first class in human capital development, youth and women empowerment. He is the APC candidate for the Aboh Mabise and NgorOkpala Federal Constituency Seat.

Engr. Ifeanyi Akwiti, De REFORMER for Aboh Mbaise/NgorOkpala Federal Constituency is the Most Qualified, Competent and Credible person with Reformative Agenda to Liberate the people from poor representation and make them proud with quality developmental and prosperous representation

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