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Frank Edoho Slams critics, Declares Support For Peter Obi

Nigerian television show host, Frank Edoho of ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire‘ has declared that he’s supporting Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party for the 2023 presidential election.

He made his choice known while replying a Twitter user.

@Essh_dannyo1 had tweeted Edoho:

“Oga talk who you dey support na tinubu Abi atiku or peter obi ? Make we know this one no be #WWTBAM”

Reacting, Frank wrote;

Everybody knows who I support. But in case you are too dense to understand who I support from my last tweet, let me reiterate- PETER “freaking” OBI!!!

My brother, I no dey hide!!!”

In another hot response to @Motole8 who had submitted thus:

“You succumbed to their bullies. You know you just betrayed your inner mind for the fear of the mob. Blessed are the firm and righteous”.

Edoho clapped back:

“It’s stark stupidity for you to think someone like me, who is an army by himself, would have his political proclivities influenced by the coercion of people on Twitter.

I am Obidient by choice and you are free to cry on my timeline.

By the way, it’s not mob, it’s movement!”

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