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Singer, Nissi Releases New Song ‘Overthinking’

Nigerian Singer, Nissi Ogulu has released her latest single titled “Overthinking.”

The song was released on the streaming platforms on Wednesday.

In a Twitter post, the songstress said she came up with the song in order to relate to people who are “stuck in their heads”.

“Overthinking drops at midnight! I made this song because I know how many people can relate to being stuck in their heads. This song is close to my heart and I can’t wait for you all to join me on this journey,” she wrote.

The song is produced by Jay Weathers, the East London-born producer.

“Overthinking” is an interesting twist to Nissi’s artistry — a mix of her signature style with sprinkles of the highlife rhythm which delves deeper into the current sonic palette within today’s contemporary music as she explores life, love, and self-development.

“Love can turn to hurting/ And hurt can turn to love/ Don’t understand the logic/ But that’s just the way it works/ Hope for the best to happen/ But prepare for the worst/ Can never have all the answers/ So I Can’t let my brain burst/ let the Tequila shots pour up, pour up, pour up for me/ So my thoughts clear up, clear up even if it’s temporary/ Cuz I just need healing healing healing,” she sings.

“Overthinking” comes on the back of her first official song of 2022 ‘Gravity’.

Nissi, who is Burna Boy’s sister, has continued to enjoy positive reception since she put out her 2016 single “Criminal”.

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