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Adanma Luke Hits Shan George: Stop Lying, Hanks Anuku Isn’t Okay

Nollywood actress, Adanma Luke says claim by her colleague, Shan George that Hanks Anuku is “sane” is not true.

Recall that on Monday, there were concerns over the well-being of Anuku after a video of a man believed to be him was seen roaming the streets of Benin.

The man was also seen talking to himself while looking unkempt and haggard.

George, shortly after the video was released online, played down concerns that the Nollywood actor is mentally ill.

According to her, Anuku is not insane as widely feared, adding that they were both at a movie set a few days ago.

“Nothing dey do Hanks o. We dey same set. This pix is three days ago,” she had written.

But taking to her Instagram story, Luke said Nollywood figures should stop trying to conceal the condition of Anuku.

The entrepreneur said Anuku is not fine, adding that attempting to hide his condition would deny him help.

“Please you all Nollywood peeps should stop with the lies when you know the truth. He isn’t okay so let him get help now that the world knows,” she wrote.

“Stop with the cover-up if he was your blood you would have helped but now that the world is about to find out the truth you all try to hide it. Hank isn’t okay so let’s allow him get help now before it’s too late

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