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PDP: Reactions Trail Fayose’s Plea for Reconciliation with Peter Obi


A Peoples Democratic Party chieftain Ayodele Fayose recently called for reconciliation moves between his party and Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate.

Fayose further described Obi as a threat to PDP’s chances in the 2023 presidential election.

“(Peter) Obi is a danger to watch out for,” Mr Fayose asserted while briefing reporters.

The former Ekiti governor said the PDP should begin negotiations with Mr Obi, if the opposition party wants to stand a chance in the February 25, 2023, presidential election.

He said, “Obi is more of a chronic cancer to PDP.”

“Reconciling or negotiating with Obi will be a good thing,” Mr Fayose added.

Over the past few months, labour Party’s Mr Obi has been regarded as one of the top three contenders in the 2023 election, with a wave that appears to upset the current political status quo of the two dominant parties in the country.

Since his entrance into the presidential race, Mr Obi has provoked the desires of millions of disenchanted youth and undecided voters who have been using social media to rally campaigns for his emergence.

Mr Obi, a former governor of Anambra, has been moving around the major political zones to solicit support and his appearance is witnessing a resurgence across the country as young Nigerians tagged ‘Obidients’ show him solidarity.

But commenting further, Mr Fayose said it would not be an easy ride for the opposition party in the next year’s election considering how the major gladiators in the race are attracting support across their indigenous zones.

“In the South-West, I don’t see how PDP will win. Anybody deceiving us can continue to deceive us,” the former governor added to slam his party, “I don’t see how PDP will win in the South-East. The South-South will be a combination of all interests.”

Fayose’s demand has so far managed to stir series of diverse reactions from most Nigerians including supporters of the labour party presidential candidate.

Most Nigerians also insisted that the PDP should focus on its campaign as Obi is not in the party anymore

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