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2023 Presidency: Why Peter Obi Offered To Recover Nigerians From State Of Hopelessness – Chief Innocent Sunday Okeke

The South East Vice Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Chief Innocent Sunday Okeke has explained why the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi offered to recover Nigerians from a state of hopelessness and helplessness.

Chief Okeke in a lengthy post he released recently, decried the high level of poverty among Nigerians, which he argued was inflicted on them by the ruling oligarchy to keep the masses powerless and in check.

He said Obi has a programme and the political will that is stirring up hope and confidence in Nigeria’s hopeless situation.

According to him, it is such hope and confidence that Obi is stirring, that is boosting tremendous organic support for him in the race for the presidency on an hourly basis.

The LP South East Vice Chairman noted that eradicating poverty and hardships are never rocket science and can be achieved within a record time by committed and purposeful leaders exercising the right political will.

He said Obi has repeatedly stated that the vast and arable land laying waste in upper Northern Nigeria, will if well harnessed, give enormous economic powers and sustainability to the fragile nation and with the savanna land in southern Nigeria contributing its quota to national development.

The LP chieftain said, “The best way in eradicating poverty and giving greater economic value to the people is to massively produce food items and other essential needs of the people. This will shore up mass employment and encourage self-dependency. THIS PETER OBI HAS VOWED TO IMPLEMENT.

“If you look at the accompanying video on this message you will see why the other power mongers jostling for power will not focus on removing the people from poverty, they will rather keep them at their beck and call to manipulate and use them to perpetuate themselves in power. They recruit the poor masses each time by the inducement of paltry N2000 and make their campaign material.  The people can’t resist because they are hungry and poor and need the N2000 for food.


“PETER OBI has reiterated the message that this must stop, democracy is the government of the people for the people and by the people. In Nigeria, for the past 62yrs, it has been differently understood and used. The purchasing power of the people has daily been deliberately destroyed. The minimum wage in Nigeria is N34,000 while a bag of rice the staple food for all Nigerians is being sold for N48,000. A bag of rice will only last a family of 4  for 27 days.


“Other essential needs of the people are out of reach, for the poor masses, no good roads, no electricity, nor are they able to afford fuel to power their power generating sets, transport fare has gone up to the roof,  with insecurity added making it impossible for people to think straight and challenge them. You keep thanking God every day for survival.

“H.E. PETER OBI maintains that all these must stop. He further asks that people should hold him responsible if he does not give the people good life and hope. He wants to make every Nigerian  productive and self-reliant.”

The LP South East Vice Chairman expressed optimism about the possibility of a new Nigeria and advised Nigerians not to, “hand your hope over to persons highly surrounded with controversies in every facet of their existence.


“Don’t hand a sick nation (Nigeria)to a sick person. It has been part of the reason we are the way we are today. Don’t give Nigeria to someone who will spend 320 days out of the 365 days, yearly in foreign hospitals which will allow space for the political buccaneers sitting around them to destroy the nation further. It is time to say capital No to these destiny killers.

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