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Ladies, Who Is Your Type Of Guy? (Part One)

Today, we look at the types of guys that approach ladies and what are their goals in a relationship.

Some guys seem to attract girls like magnets, and some just can’t keep a girl around. Nonetheless, every relationship has something to offer. And dating different types of guys will allow you to find out your likes and dislikes. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you want in a relationship. So who’s your type?

Note, this is part one of a two-part series. We will bring you part two in subsequent days.

  1. The big shot.

This is the type of guy who’s got it all: looks money, social life, and a sense of humour. He dresses nicely, smells good and it’s incredibly charming. He really cares about his appearance. And by doing so, unconsciously, you will too. Odds are he’s tidy and organized. He’s popular with girls and has a limited number of male friends. He knows exactly what he’s doing and the effect it’s having on you and every other girl around him. Dinners will be five stars and the conversations will be weighty. However, the chances of this type of guy slipping out of his fancy clothes and into a comfy relationship are low. Remember, other girls would like to have a guy like this as well. So you’ll have to take really good care of him to keep them around.

  1. The player.

This guy is charming and romantic. He says exactly what you want to hear. It makes you feel like you’re more attractive than any other girl in the world. Of course that makes them compelling because what girl doesn’t want to hear those things? The problem is that he doesn’t really desire a relationship. He merely wants to chase to flatter his own self-worth. Once he lands his conquest he isn’t sure what to do after that. He’s scared by the thought of long-term relationships and it’s not marriage material. Some girls will fall for this and others will see right through him.

  1. The Nerd

This is the kind of guy that sweeps you off your feet using his brain. While he wears his suit to work and looks sharp at the office, in his personal life he is casual and laid back. He’s loyal and He’ll take good care of you. His friends will enjoy spending time with you. And your parents might be relieved that you found someone with a bright future. Rather than engaging in more social or popular activities this type of guy passionately pursues intellectual activities, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests. For this reason, your friends might degrade your attractiveness level for going out with him because they think that he doesn’t know how to have fun.

  1. The Bad boy.

This is the attractive and live-for-the-moment type of guy. He is adventurous, dangerous, and wild. He loves to go out and have fun. He likes to challenge but he can’t tolerate failure. He has a lot of followers and he’s usually charming and a sweet talker. Your friends will envy you and his friends will love to hang out with you. You will have tons of fun and you’ll probably say yes to every crazy spontaneous idea that he has. But all he ever wants to do is have fun and you won’t know how to talk to him about your problems because he just never listens. He gets irritated and bored easily and he is not likely to settle down. At least not in the short term.

  1. The nice guy.

This guy will do everything for you. From opening doors to giving you rides everywhere, to cooking dinner and feeding your cats.
He’s nice and gentle. And he’ll always treat you kindly. He’ll do everything you want and on the flip side, he’s rather indecisive, and definitely doesn’t know how to steer the wheel in a relationship. He lacks initiative and he might not be able to make major decisions. It’s hard for him to go to the next level.

To be continued…


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