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Ladies, Who Is Your Type Of Guy? (Part Two)

  1. The leader

This guy is hardworking, ambitious, and most likely successful. Whatever he wants to get done, will be done. He’s very manly. His hobbies are usually cars and sports. He will lead the relationship and will be able to take care of you as the head of the family. This kind of guy can be very nice and gentle. But he’s easily annoyed by little things and can be quite temperamental. He’s stubborn, and it’s quite hard for him to adjust his values or to take others’ opinions. He will not make you number one, but he will prioritize you along with all his other priorities. He is not the sacrificing type and at times he has issues with humility as well. He is too serious and he finds it hard to show his feelings sometimes.

  1. The romantic

This type of guy is usually creative and he has a million ways to sweep a girl off her feet. He knows how to play the guitar. He knows how to sing love songs. He knows where to buy flowers. And he remembers to do all three on Valentine’s Day. He is handsome and charming, and his smile makes you melt. Life will be full of surprises and romantic getaways, complete with daily instances of “I love you” in every possible way. This affectionate guy will show you a softer side of our male counterparts, all the while raising your expectations of how you wish to be treated. However, he’ll be giving you too much attention and soon you’ll be craving the attention of other guys. And once he does less than usual you’ll feel like something’s wrong, that he doesn’t love you as much as before.

  1. The possessive

This guy will ask what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He’ll want to know exactly what you did yesterday, what you’re doing today and tomorrow. He knows your favorite food and your favorite dining places. He will take good care of you and will pay extra attention to details even the slightest ones. He’s a good listener and knows things before you even say them. But sometimes he will do all that at the expense of your freedom. While he’ll be good towards your friends you will not be allowed to go out with male friends or have any contact with them. He’ll get irritated easily and will be constantly insecure about your relationship.

  1. The know-it-all

This guy knows it all. Well, at least he thinks he does. He knows the latest gossip and breaking news. He knows what to comment on certain things. He will always have an opinion about everything. His knowledge is quite broad. And he can wow you by giving intellectual comments. At first, you’ll be amazed by his remarks and see him as someone who has strong opinions. But this type of guy just can’t seem to ever shut his mouth. And he’s not a good listener. Most of the time his comments are self-centered and annoying. He wants to be seen as someone cool and able to do everything. But more often than not he just ends up making a fool of himself. He is stubborn and biased to his own set of values and your friends might hate him.

  1. The keeper.

This guy is any combination of all possible types of guys. He is decent, attractive, funny, loyal, and committed. He’s everything you want in a guy and he supports you. This is the guy you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with. Your friends secretly envy you. Your parents are happy for you and his friends like you. Of course, he makes mistakes, but he has the courage to admit it and you won’t be able to stay mad at him for long because he has a truly genuine way of apologising to you. He is a keeper and everyone tells you so.


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