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(VIDEO) Lady Reveals How Her Maid Stoled Over 7Million Naira Locked Up In A Safe

Nigerian influencer, Ehi Ogbebor popularly known for her interior designing skills has revealed how a maid of hers almost absconded with $11k, over 6 million naira which she kept in a safe.

In a video shared on her official Instagram handle, she disclose that she had given her son the money to help her keep in the safe some days ago.

Last night, she asked her son to bring the money from the safe.

It was then that it was discovered that the money had been stolen.

A search led to them to Iniobong, their maid who was discovered to have been chatting with Bureau de Change operators on how to exchange the dollars.

Her post read;

Yall be careful this season…this girl hacked my safe n stole 11k dollars….thats 8m at once….. God was on my side n confused her…she had this money for days but stayed in my house …something in me (intuition) made me check were my safe last night…. she was to go off today Saturday n obviously be gone forever!!! These maids are professional criminals that work in synergy…..she has been handed over to the police after alot of slaps of course.

See mallam calling her customer…. This girl has loads of mallams for FX exchange on her phone. She buys expensive laces. Everyone addresses her as ma/ madam. She has only worked with me for less than two months. This is a big criminal madam that disguised as a maid. Probably has robbed a lot of other homes. Safes are no longer safe. This one hacked my safe n closed it back n went back doing chores like nothing happened. Pls let’s be guided. Professional Criminals are on the prowls in disguise” Ehi wrote on IG


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