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Peter Obi: Labour Party VC Highlights Why Nigeria Can Not Afford Another ‘Surrogate’ President

The South East Vice Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Chief Innocent Sunday Okeke has revealed why Nigeria can not afford what he described as another “surrogate president and leaders,” in the 2023 general elections.

Chief Okeke stated this in a passionate statement titled, “Why Nigeria can not afford another Surrogate President/Leader.”

According to him, Nigeria as a nation has made several mistakes in electing her president a couple of years ago and can not afford another one in the forthcoming polls.

“It took Nigeria a considerable ingenuity to overcome the situation of pre and post-5th May 2010, the Yar-Adua episode,” he said.

“The country has to invoke what they termed the ‘DOCTRINE OF NECESSITY,’ to keep the nation on track. Nigeria lost fortunes huge enough to complete an economic infrastructure, taking care of her sick leader other than the leader taking care of the nation.

“It is not the fault of a leader to be sick, rather, that of the privileged few who choose to impose sick leaders than allowing the people to choose who leads them.”

The LP chieftain lamented that as a result of the president’s health condition, the “surrogates”, then, were having free days doing what they like and issuing orders, adding that “Even though nobody elected them, they found themselves around the corridors of power.”

Chief Okeke recalled that another repeat of that episode happened in 2015.

He noted that Nigeria can not afford to plunge herself into another “big mistake of imposing another sick person on the people and Nation.

“Just like the first one, that of 2015 wasn’t the architect of his predicament but should have and can be avoided if we truly love the nation.

“This one has spent the better part of his regime taking care of his health issues with billions of dollars again thrown into it, while surrogates became emperors and demigods, ditching out order and counter orders, unelected though but have made themselves so powerful.

“Hitherto unknown before now, but again they found themselves at the corridors of power.”

Chief Okeke however, informed Nigerians that another opportunity to rewrite the wrongs of the country is “beckoning on us.”

He argued that “the choice to get it right, or wrong is before us and persons of questionable health stability and characters are again being throwing up. With their deep pockets, they are doing everything possible to hoist themselves on us.

“Now, the people, after repeated failures of leadership for (62) years are eager to make the real positive change.

“The people’s voice is getting, not just higher but louder by day. It is now or never for Nigeria to be counted among the serious nations of this world and develop evenly.


“Nigerians are yearning for a person of, stable health, character, competence, commitment, and philosophical ideas to catch up with the rest of the world.

”An Idea whose time has come cannot be stopped”.

“The driver of this idealistic movement is Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, the flagbearer of the Labour Party. He is highly endowed with all the virtues enumerated above.

“Labour Party is a Social Democratic Entity. We have ideas that relate to the people.
Our Manifesto and Ideology are human-driven and ready to meet the social needs of the people.

“We have a clear ideological and philosophical power to bring about true transformation and revitalization of the already collapsed entity with a moribund economy.

“Our opponents highly hinge their leadership delivery on their evil structures of, failure, death, divisiveness, insecurity,  nepotism, corruption, and all social and economic evils. But we are here now with Ideas.

“Note this; structures and political alliance rarely endure, but IDEAS AND VISIONS; last forever.”


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