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Military Raze Down Shops, Buildings Along Okigwe Express (VIDEO)

Several Nigerians are currently in a state of shock shortly after military men stormed Okigwe in Imo state, setting shops and buildings ablaze.

It was gathered that the military operation being carried out in Okigwe has seen markets, residential buildings and property of the residents burnt to ashes.

In the video cited by Overtnews, one of the community reporters had shown Nigerians the level of damage done as a result of the raid.

Warehouses storing goods worth millions could be seen going up in flames.

Although the reason for the latest military onslaught on the community is still unclear, some reports suggest it is connected to a recent news of a lieutenant being abducted in the community.

Other sources yet, are of the opinion it is due to some recent brutal attacks on military units in the area, by secessionist militiamen.


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