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Evangelist Mike Bamiloye Reveals What Cartoons Do To Children

Mike Bamiloye, a popular evangelist and founder of Mount Zion Films Production, has expressed his stance on children watching cartoons.

In a recent post on Facebook, Bamiloye clarified that he is not against children watching cartoons or enjoying the entertainment value of superhero movies.

However, he is urging parents to introduce the power of Jesus to their children, so that they do not see superheroes as the real saviors of mankind.

Bamiloye stated that if parents were to ask their children who they want to be like, an average number of children would say superheroes such as Superman, Captain America, or Spider-Man.

This is a concerning trend for Bamiloye, as he believes that children should be introduced to the reality of the power of Jesus from a young age.

He emphasized that whatever parents feed their children’s hearts with now is what they will grow up with. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to catch their children young and introduce them to the teachings of Jesus.

He wrote:


I am not against the entertainment value of these Superheroes of the Children Movies. NO NOT at all. They are pure entertainment. 

But I am saying, we the Parents should find time to Introduce the reality of the Power of Jesus to Our Children, so that they don’t imbibe the philosophies of these Superheroes as the real Savior of Mankind. 

If you ask an average Children: 

Who do you want to be like? 


An average Number of Children would echo with excitement: 




What have you fed your Children with? 

I have heard of Sunday Schools 

where The Sunday School Teachers show the Children these Superhero cartoon movies! 

whatever we feed their heart with now

Is what they would grow with! 


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