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May Amadioha Strike Any Boyfriend That Will Convince My Daughter To Do BBL


Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has condemned those engaging in Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery.

The thespian recounted how a friend of his in the United States told him a story of a man who convinced his girlfriend to do a BBL surgery.

However, things went south for the young lady as she contracted an infection due to the surgery.

Kanayo said it was so bad that her boyfriend could not stay in the same room with the lady because of the smell from the infection.

Unfortunately, the young lady died a few days later.

The actor went on to place curses on any boyfriend that would convince his daughter to go through the same ordeal.

He wondered the reason why anyone would subject themselves to such pain all in the name of beauty.

He argued that the procedure is not worth it.

He wrote, “If Bum Bum enlargement was profitable, why are husbands not giving their wives money to do it.? Bum Bum enlargement is like boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship in Secondary School , not upto the 3% end in marriage. Sadly, this Bum thing many of the ladies do not end as wives.”

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