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“I paid my own bride price” Anita Joseph makes new revelation


Since her marriage to her younger husband, Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has received several trolling and criticisms.

The movie star had another hot exchange with a troll who alleged that she was controlling her husband.

She questioned if the actress was the one who gave him money to pay her bride price as she pointed out how he is never happy.

“I know very well say this ma no too dey happy for this marriage niii. You de control am well well Ba….e de obvious even for photo… Shey na u give this man money to pay your bride price?”.

Replying her, Anita confirmed that her husband is never happy. However, there is nothing the troll can do about it.

She also claimed that she gave him the money to pay her bride price or rather paid her bride price herself.

“Yes he’s not happy and there’s nothing you can do about it. Na me also give am money to pay bride price. Oh sorry I remember na me pay my self. I control him everywhere Shallom. Okwa Okwu agwugo”.

In a surprising twist, the troll declared love for Anita Joseph after being mercilessly dragged her the actress and her fans.

“I no dey shame of my love for u. I really don’t bother what the other people think”.

Anita replied, “You’re very confused human being, as you confuse na so your life dey zigzag too.
You haven’t seen a man talk more of the one to control… You genuinely said what’s in your mind.
Na yourself you dey do cursing your future, e no concern me Shallom”.

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