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IPOB: Tinubu, Call Simon Ekpa To Order Before Things Get Out Of Hands In Southeast


It is unheard of that a non-state actor who is based in another country would have the audacity to issue a directive to some vagabonds, hobos and tramps under the guise of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), would pick up arms to unleash terror on innocent citizens in the southeast region in enforcing the directive.

This boldness from Simon Ekpa who reports say resides in Finland is becoming unbearable, a slap and an insult on the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Overtnews had made several publications about the atrocities of this Simon Ekpa led faction of the IPOB. Having the effrontery to issue a one-week sit-at-home order last week to many it was at first a joke until his ignoramus foot soldiers just because they have access to weapons hit major streets particularly in Ebonyi, Anambra and Enugu states to enforce the order when we have heavy presence of the Nigerian Army, Navy and of course the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in the region.

It is because overtime leaders in the region were playing hanky-panky with these home made criminals so it has created a friendly environment for them to thrive.

This news website has in its reports given several accounts of arrests and dislodgement of these criminals by security agencies in the region but this won’t solve the problem.

Just few days ago, this platform reported that the Simon Ekpa led faction of the IPOB has issued another sit-at-home order and it is a fourteen-day period from July 31, 2023 to August 14, 2023 which coincided with notable events in the region including the New Yam Festivals, the annual August Meeting organised by the women and the Masquerade Festivals.

The President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu in tackling this menace and mundane way of protest in the region must wake up to his responsibility and start acting the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

What the President should do is to first send a note of warning to Simon Ekpa to immediately desist from his exuberant adventure which has undermine the sovereignty of the country.

The President should also write to the Finish Government where Simon Ekpa resides that any further directive from him the Federal Republic of Nigeria in line with the guidelines according to international laws would be forced to extradite him from the country and bring him home to face the crimes he has committed just like how Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was treated during the Muhammadu Buhari’s regime.

The President should equally issue a warning to those who call themselves IPOB members who are illegitimately protesting (in form of violence) against the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu should henceforth desist from such and failure to comply they will be ruthlessly dealt with

The President should continue dialogue with the traditional leaders and political leaders in the region on the possible release of Nnamdi Kanu but there must be an assurance and a commitment from these state actors on what their roles should be in ensuring lasting peace in the region.

The traditional rulers who are the custodians of the culture of Igbo land must begin to caution these criminals to desist from their agitations while the dialogue with the government continues.

A peaceful southeast region is possible if everyone plays their path in restoring order to the region.


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