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Speed Darlington mocks Cubana Chief Priest for carrying ‘children’s school bag’


Controversial singer, Speed Darlington makes fun of the billionaire businessman, Cubana Chief Priest over his school bag after crossing paths at the airport.

Akpi, as fondly referred to by many spotted the Cubana Chief Priest after landing at an airport in Owerri, Imo State.

The singer, however, fixated on the billionaire businessman over his ‘cheap’ school bag despite his supposed wealth.

According to Speed Darlington, he has a designer bag on him worth almost a million naira while a celebrated billionaire walked around the airport with a cheap bag.

“I am not a billionaire but I am carrying a Louis Vuitton Bag worth N652k, while billionaire Cubana Chief Priest is carrying small children school bag,” he said.

The video, however, generated mixed reactions from users who found it funny while others mocked the singer for being unnecessarily petty with the action.

Reactions trailing Speed Darlington for mocking Cubana Chief Priest
remiopash said: “That is why you can’t be a billionaire. What is wrong in carrying non branded backpack..”

bright___r stated: “Speed Darlington na the igbo version of Portable baby oo😂”

tosinjuls wrote: “Wealth is not about spending money on luxury brands. It’s about being rich after you retire”

ikandilicious opined: “Ppl need to be able to walk freely with Louis Vuitton and not think they will be kidnapped. Let the man walk freely nah”


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