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David Dada – Free WiFi Exposes Passwords Of Bank Accounts


Information security expert, David Dada, says gadget users who access the internet through free WiFi unknowingly expose their passwords and other important bank details to hackers.

David Dada, who was a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Monday, said the basics of securing online transactions is to avoid logging in to free WiFi in public places as it is a threat to every user’s privacy.

“When you are using unsecured WiFi, a lot of your transactions have been spoofed by someone else, and somebody else is watching what you are doing.

“You go to the supermarket, you go to the airport, you go to public places and you see unsecured WiFi and you decide to log in. The moment you log on to that, it is very dangerous,” he stated.

According to the expert, he has the ability to set up what he described as the ‘evil twin’ network and make it free, adding that users who would easily be drawn to it are giving up something in exchange unknowingly.

“When you see free WiFi, you are actually paying for it in a way. I give you free internet but I am going to take your information.

“I am gonna take your passwords, your username, and tokens and I will store it somewhere. You get off my network, I go somewhere and pick all the things in your bank accounts and I go home and you can’t trace me anywhere,” he said.

The expert noted that irrespective of the kind of security platform a user has on his or her mobile device, once free WiFi is accessed, digital footprints are left behind.

“The moment you get onto that free WiFi, you have excluded all security for your phone, so it is safer to stay away from it,” he said.

The ICT consultant also said that the combination of phishing and social engineering form about 90 percent of the vulnerability spot for people.


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