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Happie Boys Spotted Staggering, Drunk At Club in Cyprus [VIDEO]


Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson, popularly known as the Happie Boys, have made headlines as they were spotted in a club in Cyprus with bottles of Azul.

This comes weeks after they made an announcement that they would not be returning to Nigeria.

The duo initially gained social media attention when they were dismissed from their positions at a restaurant in Aba, Abia state for dancing while on duty.

After their dismissal, the Happie Boys were fortunate to receive scholarships from a kind individual named Chinyere, granting them the opportunity to study in Cyprus.

However, their educational journey took a turn when their financial support was abruptly cut off, leading them to drop out of school.

In a recent video, the Happie Boys were captured enjoying their newfound freedom at a club in Cyprus.


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