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How Uche Elendu and her gang used urine and poo to cook for Benedict Johnson – Angela Okorie alleges


Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has escalated her ongoing feud with her colleague Uche Elendu by involving her male colleague, Benedict Johnson.

Taking to her Instagram page, Angela made a shocking claim that Uche Elendu and her accomplices allegedly used urine and faeces to prepare meals for Benedict Johnson.

Angela’s post insinuated that Benedict has endured terrible treatment from Uche Elendu and her gang, and if he were to reveal the extent of their actions, it would leave many people in tears.

She expressed her concern about the cruelty in the world and questioned whether people would be able to forgive those responsible if they were to be in Benedict’s shoes.

Angela highlighted Benedict Johnson’s personality and emphasized that he is not someone who likes to engage in public drama, which could explain why he has remained silent about the alleged mistreatment.

Despite the ongoing conflict, Angela called for prayers and showed admiration for Benedict’s character.

In her words:

“If Benedit @benedictjohnson1 opens his mouth to talk about what this evil Spirit did to him you will cry for him
This world is just too wicked 💔💔😭😭😭
If he is your brother would you say forgive people who have been using poupou and urine to cook for him?
He doesn’t like dragging pls pray for him for God’s protection,
To know Ben is to love him, he no Dey find trouble
He is always minding his business
Still they did him dirty 💔💔😭
if you like believe me if you like keep talking in the nonsense
I Dey come 💃get your popcorn and Zobo 📌”

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