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“They pay me only N1k after making millions” – Popular Nollywood actor living in slums cries out (Video)


A Nollywood actor has shared the poor amount he gets paid for a scene as he exposed the ordeal he faced with Nollywood.

The actor, who lives in a dilapidated zinc house with holes all around it, shared his story with interviewer @skibocomedy7.

Despite being promised payment for his work, he said he often received only a fraction of what he was owed.

“You will be called for a job of N10k, but when you are done you will be given N1k and told that the remaining will be paid into your account but you will see nothing. That was why I gave up on doing such jobs,” he said.

The actor also spoke about the poor working conditions he faced on set.

“You will do a standard that will be uploaded on YouTube for someone, this person will still get millions when the job is uploaded on YouTube but he will not even pay for your feeding. I will still buy food with the money I borrowed to go for the job,” he said.

The poor actor is seeking help from anyone who wishes to change his situation.

@AMARACHUKWU said: “This is exactly what is happening in Nollywood, I use to be a makeup artist omo na run I run oo.”

@Chinemere Onuwa said: “This Man need shelter- 2 rooms fundraising project would be amazing. Una still need to create social media for him and let’s start.”

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