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“Be kind to rude people” Eniola Badmus preaches on love following criticism from colleague, Georgina Onuoha


Amid the criticisms she has received over her detention of TikToker, Ego, Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has shared a message on the importance of spreading love.

Taking to her Instagram page, Eniola listed out the various ways we can spread love to others.

She advised her fans to help the less fortunate, volunteer at a charity, say kind words to people, and give to a good cause.

Eniola added that we should give to a good cause, be kind even to rude people, give lunch or packages, be a good listener, and encourage someone through their tough time.

“The only way we can spread love.

Help the less fortunate,
Volunteer at a charity,
Say kind words to the people you meet.
Give to a good cause.
Be kind even to rude people.
Give lunch or care packages to a homeless person.
Smile more often
Be a good listener to someone
Encourage someone who is going through a tough time”.

This is coming after her senior colleague, Georgina Onuoha slammed her for arresting and detaining Tiktoker, Ego who defamed her.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Georgina lectured Eniola on how defamation isn’t a criminal offense, hence why it is illegal for her to arrest and detained the lady.

She told the actress to sue her for damages and stop abusing power and intimidating the lady.

The outspoken lady expressed displeasure at the Nigerian police joining an ally with Eniola to intimidate her.

“In any functioning society, if someone defames you, it is within your rights to seek damages done to your reputation. What she did was wrong and defamatory. Eniola your next line of action will be to sue her for defamation and seek restitution.

Arresting her means you are equally breaking the law. Slander or defamation is not a criminal offense that warrants arrest and parading this young woman like a criminal. Yes, she defamed you, sue her for damages. This is an abuse of power and intimidation on your part. Use the law diligently and not oppressively. Shame on the police officers indulging in this nonsense.

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