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Concerns As Ashmusy Deletes Instagram Post, Leaves Cryptic Message


In a surprising turn of events, renowned influencer Ashmusy, known for her vibrant personality and humorous content, has left her legion of followers in a state of bewilderment.

The influencer decided to clear her Instagram slate, deleting all her posts without offering any apparent explanation.

The move sent shockwaves through social media as her fans, accustomed to her entertaining posts, scrambled to understand the reasoning behind this sudden digital cleanse.

Ashmusy left a cryptic message on her Instagram story that simply read, “I’m done.”

This enigmatic statement has ignited a frenzy of speculation across various online platforms. Netizens have been quick to react to the influencer’s perplexing actions, with a wide range of theories and concerns.

One Instagram user, ladyque_1, expressed worry by writing, “Her friends should check up on her please,” raising concerns about Ashmusy’s well-being.

Another user, mzzsholz, questioned, “Done with the lies, or what’s she done with?” hinting at potential hidden motives.

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heroekenn suggested a more sinister possibility, saying, “No be sxtape person don take dey threaten her so,” insinuating that she might be facing a privacy breach.

On the flip side, rosythrone opined, “She’s chasing clout, nothing is wrong with her. Person that’s done still dey keep highlights,” implying that Ashmusy’s actions might be a mere publicity stunt.

sgalazy_ added a dash of humor with, “Abi another noodles won leak,” poking fun at the unpredictability of internet trends.

And poshest_hope offered a more supportive message, saying, “Wo, give up if you wan give up. You sef don try,” suggesting that Ashmusy might be signaling a desire for change.


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