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Stop Blaming The Victim – Mary Njoku Reacts To Moyo Lawal’s Leaked Sextape


In a recent turn of events, Mary Njoku, a renowned video director, has come forward to express her support for Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal, who found herself at the center of a controversy when a private bedroom tape was leaked on the internet.

The leaked video, which surfaced online just hours ago, has ignited a wide range of reactions from fans and colleagues of the actress. However,

Mary Njoku has chosen to take a different stance by referring to Moyo Lawal as the victim in this situation.

Njoku used her Instagram platform to convey her support for Lawal and shed light on the need to provide victims with empathy and understanding rather than engaging in name-calling and insinuations that may further subject them to harassment.

In her Instagram post, Mary Njoku shared various scenarios alongside excuses often made for victims, highlighting the tendency to blame those who have faced distressing situations.

She urged people to consider the broader perspective before rushing to judgment, emphasizing the importance of not victimizing victims.

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Njoku’s caption on the post resonated with a powerful message: “If you have never been a victim before, pray it never happens to you in Nigeria. Because you are doomed.

Little wonder the culprits get away with it 90% of the time. And if we continue to victimize victims, it will eventually affect us all. Shame on us.”

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