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What I’ll Do To Those Coming For My Family – Singer Reminisce


Nigerian rapper, Remilekun Khalid Safaru, popularly known as Reminisce, has issued a stern warning to social media trolls today, cautioning them against involving his family in their clout-chasing antics.

In a firm statement shared via his verified Twitter handle, the Alaga Ibile crooner asserted that he will not tolerate any attempts to exploit his family for online attention.

He made it clear that he is prepared to take action against anyone who crosses this line, irrespective of the uproar it may cause on social media.

Reminisce’s message to these trolls was unequivocal: “All fun and games, but don’t use my family to create ‘viral tweets.’ I will track you down, and hashtags won’t save you! Mo ma wo inu e Jade bi Idun ni! Ti a ban sunkun…..”

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This warning from the artist serves as a reminder that public figures like Reminisce value their family’s privacy and will take necessary steps to protect it from undue intrusion on social media.

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