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Why Men Leave After Sleeping With Me – Influencer Mandy Kiss


Nigerian skit maker and brand influencer, Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, popularly known as Mandy Kiss, has shared her heartfelt struggles in the quest for true love.

In a candid conversation on The Honest Bunch Podcast, co-hosted by actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, aka Nedu, Mandy Kiss revealed the painful pattern of suitors entering her life only to depart after becoming intimate.

With a sense of vulnerability, she expressed her desire for genuine love and happiness, emphasizing that her financial status and physical appearance haven’t shielded her from heartbreak. Mandy Kiss said, “It has not been easy for me in finding true love.

I have suffered a lot. I just want happiness. I just want someone who will love me. But with my money and body, I’m still getting dumped.”

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She further elaborated on her experiences, stating, “They [suitors] will come, and I will think I have found true love. They will call me always, we will talk at night. But once they sleep with me, they leave.”

Mandy Kiss’s candid admission sheds light on the complexities of love and relationships, resonating with those who have faced similar challenges in their pursuit of genuine affection.

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