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Someone Is Trying To Use My Nudes To Blackmail Me – Skitmaker Cries Out


Popular skitmaker Lizzyjay has taken to Instagram to reveal her distressing encounter with an alleged blackmailer who is attempting to extort her using a personal nude video.

In a candid post made on Thursday, Lizzyjay announced her intention to formally report the incident to the police and provide them with evidence against the blackmailer.

Lizzyjay shared her side of the story, explaining that she had recorded the nude video with the sole purpose of seeking medical advice for a specific health issue she was grappling with at the time. Due to her inability to visit her doctor in person, she resorted to sending the video as a means of obtaining the necessary treatment.

In her own words: “For the past few days, I have received calls and messages from someone who claims to possess my nudes. The calls and comments on my page are aimed at coercing me into a negotiation to become a victim of blackmail.”

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She went on to clarify that the video in question was created over a year ago via Snapchat, a platform she rarely used, as she considered it a safer option for sharing sensitive medical information.

Lizzyjay continued: “The individual attempting to blackmail me gained access to an old email account of mine and used it to infiltrate my Snapchat. He obtained the video and has been threatening to release it since I refused to comply.”

In her determination to address this distressing situation, Lizzyjay affirmed her decision to report the matter to the police’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) and provide them with evidence to bring the blackmailer to justice.

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