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Why I Would Have Stayed In My Previous Marriage – Toke Makinwa


In a candid revelation on her popular podcast, Toke Makinwa, the renowned Nollywood actress and media personality, opened up about her past marriage to Maje Ayida.

She disclosed that if they had a child together during their marriage, she might have chosen to stay in the relationship despite its challenges.

Makinwa and Ayida’s marriage ended in 2015 when she discovered his infidelity and his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy. During the podcast episode titled “TokeMoments,” she empathetically expressed the common situation where women remain in troubled marriages for the sake of their children.

She stated, “A lot of women stay in unhealthy marriages for the children. For the longest time, you hear so many women say things like, ‘the marriage is done but I only stay for my kids.’

” Makinwa, who herself had a childhood marked by the loss of both parents at the age of 8, shared her personal perspective.

She continued, “So, for the sake of my children, I may have had to compromise just because I wanted them to have mum and dad. I may have been one of these women. So, I’m not even judging anyone right here.”

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Her podcast guest, Iyabo Ojo, another prominent figure in the entertainment industry, also shared her experiences.

Ojo left her marriage with her children when she was younger, but she acknowledged that age and wisdom had since influenced her decisions. She revealed, “If I was at this age, a lot of decisions I took, I probably would not have taken. Because now I’m more wiser and have a better understanding of life.”

Ojo’s own upbringing, growing up without her parents, contributed to her early choices. She explained, “Me growing up in that kind of situation where I didn’t even know what they called ‘mummy.’ I didn’t know I had a mother.” She revealed that her parents were never married, and her dad played a different role in her life.

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