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I’m Not Searching For Husband – Actress Motunde Cries Out


In the world of Nigerian comedy skits, Motunde Sogunle has gained widespread recognition for her humorous portrayal of Motunde, the fictional daughter of social media comedian Mr Macaroni.

In these skits, Motunde is known for her comical quest to find a suitable husband for her father, often bringing suitors with peculiar quirks and issues.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Scoop, Motunde Sogunle discussed the impact of her on-screen character on her real-life persona. She stated, “My character’s humorous quest for a husband in Mr Macaroni’s skits can sometimes lead to misconceptions about my real-life relationship status. But, I take that to mean that I embody the roles I play so well.”

She further emphasized the importance of maintaining a clear distinction between her on-screen character and her personal life, recognizing that misconceptions are part and parcel of the entertainment industry.

Motunde Sogunle is known for her wit and sense of humor, and she often shares glimpses from her personal life on social media to dispel any misconceptions about her perpetual hunt for a husband.

She handles these misconceptions with grace, understanding that they come with the territory of being a beloved entertainer.

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When asked about her experience portraying the character of Motunde, she expressed her passion for acting, stating, “Acting is not just a hobby but a job, and every moment on set is always incredible. It feels amazing to be a part of Mr Macaroni’s creative team and bring those entertaining characters to life.”

Motunde also delved into the impact of social media on the mental health of entertainers. She voiced her concerns about the constant exposure to public scrutiny, criticism, and comparison that social media can bring.

She emphasized the importance of understanding that social media often showcases only the highlights of people’s lives, creating unrealistic standards and pressures.

To combat the negative effects of social media, Motunde Sogunle recommended strategies such as digital detoxification, media literacy, and the promotion of positive content.

She believes that these measures can help individuals in the entertainment industry and beyond strike a healthy balance between the benefits and drawbacks of social media.

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