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I Was Bullied By Same People Mourning MohBad – Yul Edochie


Nollywood actor Yul Edochie revealed that he’s endured more than a year of relentless bullying and insults from the very same individuals who are now mourning the late singer Mohbad.

He expressed that the treatment he’s receiving from his colleagues and fellow Nigerians mirrors the bullying that Mohbad faced before his demise.

In a recent Instagram post, Yul Edochie openly called out those demanding justice for Mohbad, branding them as “hypocrites and attention-seekers.”

He condemned their actions, asserting that they are no different from those who had mistreated Mohbad during his lifetime.

He voiced his frustration, stating, “All of you who are posting ‘Justice for Mohbad,’ including my fellow Nollywood colleagues, you are essentially the same people who have subjected me to over a year of insults and cyberbullying for my personal decision to take a second wife. You are nothing more than clout chasers and wicked individuals.”

Yul also questioned the authenticity of their concern for Mohbad when he was alive, suggesting that many of them are now exploiting his name to boost their online presence.

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He further emphasized that the challenges he’s facing in his personal life led to his decision and criticized the lack of support from the Nollywood community during this time.

The backlash against Yul Edochie intensified after he announced actress Judy Austin as his second wife in April 2022.

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