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I Feel The Pain In Your Words” Actor Yomi Fabiyi Tenders Apology To Yul Edochie Following Outburst On Celebrities


Yoruba Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has issued a heartfelt apology to fellow actor Yul Edochie, following a recent outburst against celebrities and Nigerians.

Yul Edochie had expressed his frustration with the hypocrisy displayed by Nollywood celebrities and Nigerians.

In the aftermath of Mohbad’s tragic passing, Yul Edochie drew attention to the clout-chasing surrounding the singer’s name while highlighting the bullying he himself has endured.

He pointed out that the same type of bullying that Mohbad faced has been directed at him by colleagues and internet trolls, often without hearing his perspective.

Responding to Yul Edochie’s statement, Yomi Fabiyi took to his Instagram page to extend an apology.

He admitted that his conscience had been bothering him and that he empathized with Yul’s sentiments.

Fabiyi commended Yul for his courage and advised him to seek wisdom from God in dealing with his fans, family, and the media.

Yomi Fabiyi stressed the importance of addressing online and offline bullying, denouncing it as anti-social, demonic, criminal, and unacceptable.

He acknowledged that he had refrained from speaking out against it earlier due to concerns about how it might be perceived.

In his apology, Fabiyi expressed regret for not doing more to support Yul Edochie and urged him to understand that some individuals, like himself, are genuinely passionate about addressing bullying and its harmful effects.

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He offered his condolences to Yul Edochie for the loss of his son and encouraged him to take steps towards humility and understanding the perspectives of his fans and the media.

Fabiyi concluded by emphasizing the need for correction and rehabilitation rather than dragging someone into depression, even in cases of wrongdoing.

He expressed his care and concern for Yul Edochie, assuring him that this challenging period would eventually pass.

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