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Why Nollywood shouldn’t be a ground for BBL, runs, gay” – Kanayo Kanayo


Veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has spoken out, emphasizing that Nollywood should not become a platform for practices such as Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL), sex work, or homosexuality.

In a candid interview with Afia TV, the renowned actor stressed that the Nigerian film industry is meant to be a hub for creativity.

Kanayo expressed his belief that Nollywood should not be a starting point for newcomers but rather a place for individuals to refine their acting talents.

He emphasized the importance of having a genuine calling for acting, stating, “Nollywood should not be a ground for BBL, bum bum enlargement. Nollywood should not be a ground for people doing runs. Nollywood should not be a ground where people’s dollars are stolen in hotels. All these Nollywood girls, it is not a ground for gay or lesbianism.”

The actor went on to emphasize that Nollywood is primarily a platform for creativity, not just a place to learn acting on the job.

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He discouraged individuals from joining the industry simply because they saw others achieve success and wealth within it, without a genuine passion for acting.

Kanayo also raised concerns about the industry’s direction, highlighting that some individuals were using it to sell sex and their bodies, which he believes is detrimental to Nollywood’s reputation.

He particularly criticized Instagram stars for contributing to this negative trend and urged aspiring actors to prioritize their craft over fleeting fame.

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