Actress Chizzy Alichi Addresses Those Accusing Her Of Controlling Her Husband


Chizzy Alichi, a popular actress from Nigeria, recently talked about some of her husband’s friends who accuse her of controlling their marriage.

She’s upset about it.

In a video she shared online, Chizzy explained that when she and her husband make decisions together and he listens to her advice, some of his close friends think she’s the boss in their relationship.

Chizzy doesn’t understand why they think that.

She believes that in a marriage, both partners should work together and make decisions as a team.

She also warned that if their marriage faced problems because they didn’t work together, those same friends would criticize them.

Chizzy also mentioned that she’s good at making smart business decisions that benefit her husband.

She gave an example where she advised him not to accept a business offer from a friend because it could be risky.

But sadly, some of their friends thought she was trying to control her husband.


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