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Burna Boy Reveals Why He Hates Twitter


Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, has expressed his disapproval of users on the microblogging platform X, formerly known as Twitter, stating that they are “mad.”

Burna Boy, also known as Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, shared his perspective during a recent interview with Kiss FM in London, United Kingdom.

The renowned ‘African Giant’ initially believed that the eccentric behavior was unique to Nigerian Twitter users.

However, after traveling around the world, he discovered that this “madness” was a global phenomenon.

Burna Boy recounted his experiences in Kenya, South Africa, and the United States, where he observed similar trends of Twitter users exhibiting unusual behavior.

In the United States, he even likened them to having their own groups, akin to artists like Lil Durk with his OTF crew.

Burna Boy’s candid comments shed light on the diverse online culture present on Twitter, showcasing that the platform’s quirks are not limited to any specific region.

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