People stopped listening to Mohbad’s music after he left marlian records – Ruger


In a recent interview, Ruger has offered his insights into the controversies surrounding the untimely death of Mohbad.

Mohbad’s passing left many questioning the circumstances, particularly due to his turbulent relationship with his former record label, Marlian Records, headed by Naira Marley.

Prior to his tragic demise, Mohbad had publicly accused Marlian Records of music rights issues and unpaid dues, resulting in a bitter dispute.

During the interview, Ruger addressed the role of fans in an artist’s career and speculated that they may have contributed to Mohbad’s emotional state before his passing.

He emphasized that fans bear some responsibility for an artist’s well-being and urged continued support even when artists part ways with their record labels.

He argued that such support could prevent artists from falling into depression and inspire them to continue creating music.

Ruger also raised a concerning issue, highlighting instances where fans, in their passionate support for artists, have engaged in confrontations with the artist’s family and close friends during controversies.

He suggested that such behavior could further deteriorate an artist’s mental and emotional state.

The Nigerian public has reacted to Ruger’s statements with a range of opinions.

Some empathize with his perspective, acknowledging the crucial role of fan support in an artist’s career.

However, there are also critics who believe that if Ruger cannot contribute positively to the discussion, he should refrain from commenting on the matter.


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