You Will Never Become An A-Lister, Destiny Etiko Tells Junior Colleagues


Controversial actress Destiny Etiko has taken to Instagram to deliver some candid advice to her junior colleagues in the entertainment industry.

In a recent post, she emphasized the importance of showing respect to senior colleagues as a crucial step towards achieving A-list status in the industry.

Etiko, who herself has attained A-list status, urged aspiring talents to embrace humility and avoid adopting an attitude of superiority.

She cautioned against pretending to have it all figured out, underlining that respecting and learning from those who paved the way was key to success in the industry.

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Her message has garnered mixed reactions from fans and fellow actors.

Some applauded her advice, while others questioned the industry’s hierarchical structure and the need for seniority.

One commenter even inquired about a past incident involving Destiny Etiko and fellow actress Mercy Johnson, hinting at a possible clash.

Destiny Etiko’s words have sparked a debate within the industry, highlighting the ongoing discussion about respect, seniority, and talent in Nollywood.

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