Burna Boy’s Mother Reveals When She Knew Her Son Would Be A Musical Giant


The mother and manager of Grammy-winning star, Burna Boy, Bose Ogulu has disclosed that she knew he would be great from his teenage years.
Ogbulu told BBC’s Nyasha Michelle in an interview that she predicted he would be a force to reckon with in the world of music.

According to her; “I think I had known at age 13 or 14 that he was going to be great at something and that thing was probably going to be music.

“I had already seen him in the studio, I had already watched him form a high school band,” she said.

“From when he was in JSS3, which I think would be Year 9, we started trading studio time for grades. I would say: ‘OK, if you make a B or an A in this, I’ll pay for studio time during your mid-term’.”


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